Getting Some Feedback

Team snyderwrites! The general readership of my book thus far has said the following: Positives Time Travel is presented in a fun way Characters are interesting--Meredith is awesome Idea/Theme is cool Very Douglas Adams-esque.  Really didn't even think about that book while writing...Nor do I necessarily agree that my writing style is that light & … Continue reading Getting Some Feedback

Nearly There!

Hola mi gente de snyderwrites! If you would like to be one of the first people to read my novel, Neighbors in the Supernova, you can go now to and enjoy it! I found Inkitt through Facebook and thought, "Why not get my book up and let people read it?" I'm BEGGING YOU to review … Continue reading Nearly There!

Book Review–The Three Body Problem

Okay gang. I read this incredible, hard sci-fi book called The Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu. Just like the back cover states, it's mind-bending. Jammed packed with history about China's cultural revolution, as well as scientific theories that Liu clearly understands their inner workings. The research alone must have taken an eternity. I will … Continue reading Book Review–The Three Body Problem