Neighbors in the Supernova–Concept Art

Hello snyderwrites faithful! Words cannot express how thrilled I am with Ali Hyder, the artist who put together the following concept art for my book. It's so cool to see my characters come to life and it helps make this dream of publishing my book that much more real. I need your help! I'm going … Continue reading Neighbors in the Supernova–Concept Art

Yeah. It’s that good.

Hello snyderwrites faithful! I hope that you're all writing and happy. Crazy to think that we're getting to the end of January...On to the good news! I wanted to let y'all know that Neighbors in the Supernova is pretty much done, and I'm looking for people to form a little critique group. My book is … Continue reading Yeah. It’s that good.

Check Out Excerpts!

Hello snyderwriters! I wanted to put in a plug for you to check out my excerpts section of the blog. There you will find examples of my writing, and new ideas that are in the works. Por favor! Check it out! Embark! is more than likely going to be the next book that I write. … Continue reading Check Out Excerpts!