Updates on NIS

snyderwrites gente,

If you’ve bought my book, thank you. Make sure that you turn on updates on your Kindle app or device to get the 2nd Edition of my book. There was a glaring issue that had to be fixed.

NIS 2nd Edition.jpg

If you’re wondering how to turn on updates, here you go:

  1. Go to Manage Your Content and Devices.

  2. Select the Settings tab.

  3. Under Automatic Book Update, select On or Off.

    Note: If you select Off, you will no longer receive book updates automatically. In some cases when an author or publisher requests it, you may receive an email notification when an update is available to download.

*It should be up and running in the next few hours. Just be on the lookout!*

More Good News

Wow guys. This is great.

In the first few days of October, I’ve already beat my best month of views on the blog. People are actually coming to see what going down. I know that views don’t really translate into sales, but it’s nice to know that I’m driving a bit of traffic to the site and people are interested.

Not like I have tons and tons of fans.

The opposite is true.



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