Thanks for all the views, likes and support as my book has been released on Kindle. I’m overjoyed that a few people are buying it and giving me their feedback.

Very motivating to continue to work on my next book. Don’t know how many of you saw my post a few weeks ago? EMBARK ringing a 🛎? I’m 20 k words deep. If you want to read the first chapter of my next book, look for EMBARK.


Three and a half years in the making. 65 k words. Time Travel / Alternative World adventure. Crazy.

I know that the formatting isn’t 💯 percent perfect, so feel free to look past it. 😂 I’ll get it right the next time.


So now I’ve cleared my head, looked at all my writing projects, and I’m going to move forward with my Embark story. Between that and learning French I should have plenty to write about.

Feeling refreshed.

Feeling good.

It’s going to be a wonderful new start.

Happy Birthday to me…mañana! 🎈 🎂

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