Get Neighbors in the Supernova for 99 cents

Seriously Sweet Cover. Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner. Thank you Ali Hyder.
Alright my snyderwrites peeps, this is going to be epic. I’ve been sitting on doing this for too long. I’m going to put NIS on the Kindle universe. I guess I was hesitant because I had spent so much time on it. I didn’t want to “give” my story away for “nothing”.

Needless to say (so I’m gonna say it), I changed my mind.

The physical copy will remain on for the cost that it takes to print it ($5). I can’t lower it any more than that.

Frank Tolovski is Coming to Life

My book is all about Frank Tolovski–a vengeful physicist who craves revenge. His best friend and business partner, Jacque Bellamy (oh, the sweet irony of that last name), stole his work and his love many years ago. Frank has constructed a device to get back to the moment and happened.
Early sketch of my cover. Two houses in the Midwest. 

The challenge, as we all know as fellow human beings, is nothing ever turns out as we hope…

…the universe usually has different plans for us.

What Genre does NIS fit in?

That’s a great question. I think I would throw in some of these categories:
  • Science Fiction
  • Alternate World
  • Time Travel
  • Fantasy / Magic
  • Supernatural
  • Romance
Hope that clears the air. This is my most FAQ fo’ sho.

It Reads Like…

I wish that I had a good comparison. Seeing that I’m a novice writer, and this is my first book, I’m still figuring out a lot of things when it comes to language and style. Hopefully you find it to be authentic and cohesive throughout the story.
Find Your Passion. Live Inspired. Morgan Snyder, 2018
Yes, I just added a made up quote from myself. Vain much? A few initial readers thought it felt like a Douglas Adams-esque book. I can’t handle that. Anything that he would write would be much more funny and witty than my story. Not even in the same class. I compare it to other jumpy time-traveling novels, like Felix Palma’s Map of Time. For some readers that are not used to it, it can feel overwhelming to have to keep track of storylines and characters. I get it. It’s not for everyone.

Now Go!

Alright. That should work. Fingers Crossed. Very pumped for this. Leave your responses!  

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