Week 2 of the Polyglot Challenge!

snyderwrites peeps,

This weekend was refreshing for a number of reasons:

1. The Buckeyes pulled out a win somehow, someway. It was unreal.

2. Almost all my siblings were hanging out with us this weekend. My youngest sister is having a ball at Disney World. Poor Jaden.

3. We had a taste of fall. This week it’s going to hit 80s again…SMH

4. I spent serious time taking on the Polyglot Challenge.

How was your weekend? Tell me about it in the comments! Any success stories?

As far as French goes, I tried my best to track down music that I could listen to when I was working out, driving in the car, etc. Thanks to a few websites like frenchcrazy.com and others, these were some of my favorites:

BB Brunes: Pop  Girl-crazy boy band with all the denim and luscious locks you could as for.


Stormae: Pop According to the comments in YouTube, this is the theme song for all High School French classes everywhere. Hm.

There are some other artists, but their music videos are not really up to snuff for content that I want to have on my page. Oh well. I’ll give you the complete list when I get a second to compile it.

Image result for learning french funny

A Minor Hiccup

French people speak really fast. I mean, holy cow. I know that I’ve said that before about Spanish and Portuguese, but this time I feel like it’s a different level. When a native speaker starts rolling, it turns into a bunch of gobbly-gook in my head. I can’t picture the words in my mind. It’s just so dang tough.

In French you don’t pronounce the word exactly how it is spelled each time, so it’s tricky. Spanish is pretty straightforward in that way. Easy Languages is really helping me with this problem.

For any of you wanting to learn another language, I can’t recommend it enough. 5 étoiles!


In other news, I turn 30 on Friday. Dang Gina.

Nothing would make me happier than having y’all head over and buy my book for $8!

Go Now!

The next time you hear from me, I’ll put up the next Snyder Show episode.




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