The Start of My French Journey


Bonjour mon peuple!

As you know, this is Day 4 of the Polyglot challenge. French has treated me well through the weekend, and I’m hoping that I can make good progress through work week.

Qu’est-ce que vous avez dit?

I find myself asking that question often during my podcast and listening exercises. Much like when I learned Portuguese, the pronunciation is extremely hard for me. When a native speaker would get going, I would be forced to just weather the storm, grasping for random words that I knew–very similar to this process.

The sound system is completely different, but I’m getting a little better with my listening. When I hear the news in slow French, I can picture the spelling of the words in my head. I do my best to match it with the pronunciation.

I’m starting to make my own version of a document like this:

Image result for spanish portuguese french comparison vocabulary chart

A personal list that compares everything is good for me. I’ll take a picture of the one from my own notebook soon.

I need to find a way to supplement my speaking because I do not have any French speaking friends. When I figure that out, I’ll give you the update. Mainly I just speak to myself during the recordings I listen to.

Reading comprehension is steadily increasing. I’m able to identify present tense, and this morning in the shower I listened to how to form the past tense. One thing that I’m attempting to wrap my head around is this:

faire–to make, do                  Je fais-I do                    Je fait- I did




In Spanishland, this doesn’t happen. Headaches.

For my next episode of the Snyder Show, I’m going to speak some French to celebrate my 4th day. It also happens to be the fourth episode. Nice.

Yes, they are phrases that I have practiced. Pretty easy. Nothing special. All you French speakers out there can cheer me on with some comments. That would be excellent.

If any of you snyderwrites peeps out there are dabbling, learning, stressing, or speaking another language at the moment, let me know how you’re doing. What are your struggles? What are you doing? What programs do you use? Give me some details on your strategies.

For me, it’s basically podcasts, amazon music, basic reading in articles, and talking to myself. LOL.

Au revoir!




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