Polyglot Challenge!!!

TEAM snyderwrites,

I revisited two of my favorite sources of inspiration, the polyglot bros. They are twins and both speak 8+ languages pretty darn well. I think the number might be more like 10+. Whatever the number, these two brothers are incredibly dedicated to language learning.

I looked up the statistics on this, and it hovers around less than 1% of the world’s population can speak more than five languages. Many are bi/trilingual, some are multilingual (4-5), and only a few are polyglots. I’ve also read that you don’t have to even be 100% conversational to be considered a polyglot, but that’s a different debate. I’m not going to give my opinion on that.

Matthew and Michael would probably be considered ‘hyper-polyglots’, with their range of language skills near 10+.


I have my B.A. in Spanish. Ah yes, the worthless humanities degree. Delicious. You could probably consider my numerous poetry and contemporary literature classes my ’emphasis’. I did have a great Spanish Sci-Fi course–the best one of my four year career at BYU. At the end of it all, I could successfully say that I know quite a bit about reading novels and writing papers in Spanish. Come and get me employers of the world! I’m marketable!

I always say that learning Spanish was the hardest thing I ever learned. On the other end of the enjoyment scale is Portuguese. It was the greatest. We had awesome classes, made tons of friends who were exploring an L3, and I loved every minute of it. I took all the way up to 321, and noticed how the Portuguese students really know how to make a ruckus in class. Bem, bem divertido. 

E agora, it’s French time. I’ve put it off, told myself it wasn’t worth the effort for years, but if the polyglot bros. can get the reins on Turkish in a week, it’s only fair to attempt another romance language in a month. Right? Am I thinking clearly?


A month.

Time to prioritize my time, neglect all responsibilities, label everything in the house with sticky notes, and head into Cleveland to speak French will everyone at the West Side Market. Yes, this will work.

I will take my own videos of speaking, dedicate a Snyder Show Podcast to my learning, and wrap myself in a warm crepe of Frenchie-ness. Oui. 

Also, just so you guys know, I don’t have any previous French experience. The only thing I could think of as far as exposure is one of my dad’s old friends speaks it. I heard him a time or two. That’s it.

Starting from ground zero.

More videos to come, because this place is about to become un blog tres amusant. 


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