Freedom is not Free

snyderwrites people,


How’s your night?

Had the chance to go to DC on the way home from the beach in DE today. Loved every minute of it. This was Julie’s first time. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, everything on his side of he country was “sooooo far away.”

I reflected on the sacrifices and dedication of so many men and women who gave it all to give us our freedoms. We are so lucky to be a part of this great nation.

Nothing is perfect, but we should take a few seconds to remember what this country stands for, and the ideals it was founded upon. No other country comes close and we are blessed to be in this great land.

Freedom is not Free.

Passing through the Korean War Memorial made me feel a broad range of emotions. I’m a little sensitive to things like this, and I was especially impacted this time through. Don’t know what it was. Thought a lot about the soldiers’ families–their prayers and hopes.

It got me thinking of how all the rights and privileges that I enjoy as an American were paid for by these incredible patriots. Even as I was sweating profusely, dragging my kids all around the different memorials, and eventually carrying our 3 year old like a sandbag to the parking garage, I had a reflective and enjoyable visit.

I took some pictures along the way.

Ever been? Comment and tell me about it.

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