The Ferocious Kayaker

snyderwrites peeps,

My wife and I were in the car the other night, jamming to Jay-Z with the windows down. Not really, but we like to pretend that we’re cool.

Every so often we tend to stop, break, and chat about how things are going (kids, work, etc.). It’s like a relationship checkup, and this particular one we talked about what paths we took to get this point in our lives.

Me-“I really like like this finance stuff I’m learning about at work. Sometimes I wish that I could back in time and start again. You know? Like do a business degree?”

Julie-“But would you really appreciate it?”


Julie-“You’ve taken these different jobs, found out that you didn’t really like it, and now you’re in a better place because if it.”

Me-“I guess so.”

Julie-“It was so hard for you to choose what you wanted to do. Because you’re a creative person, you never wanted to get nailed down into one thing.”

Me-“You’re probably right.”

Julie-“Now you know what you want.”

And how right she is.

Just like the signpost, our lives weave and wander all over the place, and many of us (me especially), hope it’s the right thing. We wonder if our struggles are worth it. If the pain and sacrifice will pay dividends later.

As long as your goals are making you a better person, it’s worth it in the end.

Don’t forget that it’s all about the adventure and the experience. Keep trying. Keep making mistakes. As long as you’re moving forward, you won’t get pushed back into bad habits or make choices that you’ll regret. Like a ferocious kayaker working against the current, a little progress is better than being taken downstream.

Any comments about life’s direction? Tell me about your story!

P o c o a p o c o s e a n d a l e j o s.

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