snyderwrites faithful,

If you’re needing some Snyder Show in your life, you can find it here or on the Snyder Show tab on the main page. It’s a doozy. Yesterday, I really connected with mother nature, which led to a …

C r e e k s i d e ||| M e d i t a t i o n

…it was nice.

Both yesterday and today I have been getting my tree clearing on, and today I added the help of a chainsaw. Here is just one clip of the antics:

In the words of Napoleon Dynamite, “You decroded piece of crap.”

My goal is to write some new jingles/samples over the next few days and step away from the podcastin’. Just for a few days at least. I’ll still post some things here. Maybe a snippet from EMBARK!?

Thanks for putting up with the madness that is this blog. I feel good writing all through September. For all of you wondering, this is what goes on day-to-day—>

Just a few things that came to mind initially.

What does your CYCLE look like?






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