snyderwrites peeps,

You know how most parents tell you how grateful they are when the kids go to sleep? I’m here to tell you that couldn’t be more true.


My reason for wanting the tots to get off to dreamland is a little bit different from what you’re expecting. Instead of looking forward to the “break” at the end of the night (which, by the way, most parents will tell you that it’s hardly a break because there is always something to get done once the rugrats are asleep…laundry!), I treasure the moments I have with them–One by one I get to say goodnight. I tell stories, cuddle, and tell them how they are a very important part of our family.

Last night was especially tender because after I got done with the three older kids, our youngest could be heard calling from her room, “Daddy? Daaaaaaaddy!” So with a grin on my face the size of Texas, I strolled into her room, gently lit by her night light. She’s two.

“Daddy! You here tell me stories? And sing me songs?”

I tend to lean on tradition when it comes to tucking my kids in. I sing the same old numbers that my parents used to sing to me. I also tend to focus on spiritual songs that I learned when I was a tiny tot (This little light of mine, I’m gon’ let it shine…). My favorite songs though are the ones that I make up–Melody and lyrics on the spot. They’re always a hit with my kids, but let’s get real, some are total flops from a musical standpoint. Here’s one that I sang last night. Steal the lyrics and make up your own melody for it.

May the angels watch and keep you / on this cool summer night

Watching, ever watching / as you drift off to sleep

They gather all around you / filling your head with dreams

Wishing they could hold / your tiny hands

So sleep now child / oh sleep now child

Lay your heavy head down / and sleep, oh sleep

I’m not kidding about stealing the lyrics if you want them.

Sing them to your children, to your loved ones, to someone sick in a hospital. They may come in handy somewhere!

These sweet moments are the times where I feel most connected to my true self, to the man I want to be, to the world, to God. Time literally goes on pause while I sing these songs. I don’t know why the rhythm and tones affect me so much–they always have. But it is the way that I feel if that makes sense.

Do you feel the same way? Leave a comment.

Look out for Ep. 3 of the Snyder Show! I’ll get it up soon.


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