snyderwrites people,

I hope that this weekend, wherever you are, finds you happy. Today is a wild day for us because of sports and church responsibilities, but we’ll be okay. Remember what the Chinese say? (See previous post)

This week was warm and humid. I’m tired of it. So I’m grateful that the rain has come our way to cool everything down. Dear fall, please come soon.

Today starts another season of soccer for us. It’s hard to believe that our oldest boy who turn seven a few months ago has already had quite a bit of experience with the sport. Since the kid was 2.5, we’ve been living in the world of cleats, drills, and orange slices. I didn’t grow up playing soccer–my dad wasn’t too fond of it–but I love it. I’ve learned a lot through watching international leagues on the tele, as well as watching coaches explain the game on YouTube. It’s the only way that I can keep up with our son who is obsessed over it. We’ve got our hands full.

(A few hours later)

I went down to Columbus to a Church function with some of the youth in our ward (congregation). I recently got put in as the Young Men’s President (guy that leads the boys 12-18) and felt very grateful for the chance to be with them. I also had one of my boyhood heroes drive down with me. His name is Tom Rice. A bricklayer by trade and  ecclesiastical leader in the Church for many years, I have always aspired to be like him. We had a great time.

The reason I bring this up is that every time I go on one of these trips or participate with the young men, my life gets put into perspective. Time slows down, and the stress of my life goes away. I feel that I can think clearly and remember what I’m doing and where I want to go. I think about my wife, my kids, my job, my passions. I’m appreciative of the moments I get to serve because that is when we are at our best: self-less instead of selfish. It’s incredible to have the opportunity to look outward instead of what most of do in our day-to-day, which is look inward. What do I have to do today? What do I need? One of the many reasons I love my calling (job I do) in Church.

(A few more hours)

All in all, a good Saturday. Goals were scored, spirits were uplifted, and the weather reminded us that changes were on the way. Oh! I forgot. The Buckeyes crushed Rutgers. =)

See you around.

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