Howdy Y’all,

I hope that you’ve been doing well–yes you, one of the only people that reads this darn blog–and have had success closing out the summer time. The fall is a few short weeks away, and it is awesome. I can’t wait to get to the football games, the apple crisp, and sweatshirts. It will be incredible.

So! The important news for today is that I’ve added a sample page to snyderwrites that will serve as the space that I upload my new music. Don’t get too excited. The first attempts at writing music in a long time are pretty rough. But have faith because this is just the beginning and I’ll get better. If I can show the same persistence in my composition as I do in my story writing, it’s only up from here.

Remember what the Chinese say,

“If you haven’t died from hard work, work harder.”

How motivating!

Let’s all get out there and grind, hustle, and get after it. Today is the best day to do what you said you’re going to do a million times. Make it happen!

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