Hello snyderwrites peeps,

It’s been a long time. I hope that you’ve all been doing great, having a productive summer, and happy.

We’ve moved across the country, I’ve started a new job, kids are adjusting to a new life, and it has been nuts. Which of course leads me to the title of this blog post, writing struggles.

I haven’t been able to write very much over the last few months. I haven’t felt very inspired. I haven’t had any big ideas that I’ve wanted to draft out. I haven’t even been reading that much fiction, which is the strangest fact of all. What is happening to me?

I worked on Neighbors in the Supernova for nearly three years, and it was the greatest adventure that I have ever embarked on. Among my creative projects, it takes the cake. By far. I loved the experience, and learned so much. I started to look at myself in a different light–like a writer.

I still do, but man, it’s been rough. I’ve hit a mini-roadblock with my second book (I just need to set aside time to read it through again to get the juices flowing), and the feedback from NIS has been sparse. I should try harder to get it into the hands of a few agents (a good ol’ second try) and maybe if I got some positive feedback it would spur me to write more consistently.

You can buy my book at: http://www.lulu.com/shop/morgan-snyder/neighbors-in-the-supernova/paperback/product-23634459.html

In other news, the OH life has been treating us well. We’ve been able to spend time with family, enjoy the summer weather, get to know new people at our church, and I have felt very grateful for new opportunities. It has been very fun to be in a new place and experiencing a different kind of life.

The move has brought us closer as a family and that’s a good thing. =)


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