My peeps,

I am trying to understand what provoked me to do it. What otherworldly force would drive me to subscribe to a senseless act of this magnitude?

Facebook Advertising.

Reach people! Gain followers! Get likes! Expand your audience! Well, none of those things happened. And most importantly, it didn’t cause anyone to go out and buy my book.

Ay, ay, ay. How can this happen?

Well, it happened like this:

People Reached
Post Engagements
Link Clicks
The moral of the story is, unless you want to spend tons of money to get a few clicks, please do not let this happen to you. Learn from my mistake. End rant.

In other news,

I’m less than a week out from moving across the country, my knee is still in pretty bad shape, and I’m writing Embark while I’m hanging out on the couch. Here’s a taste of how the first draft is going. I don’t usually like anyone to read what I’ve done unless I get a few revisions, but here it is, the first page:

Embark © Morgan Snyder

The magna-train was making its 9:30 approach to the station, and Alena listened to the distant huffs of the engine. When Mr. Thomas came in late from working in the shop after work, covered with grime and a grin, he would let her slip out to Lookout Point to watch the rumbling locomotives come searing through the valley like boiling water through oatmeal. “Alena! You’ll be safe, won’t ya?” All it took was a nod of her head and a kiss on his cheek. “Alright, get on your way. The things I do for you…Oh! Try to spot what those trains are baringing in for me.” He cupped his hands and pretended to put binoculars up to his eyes. “I gotta have my fresh supplies!”
Alena gave him a thumbs up and got on her way.
From her house it was a quarter mile to the edge of the cliff. She could look down and see just about everything, all the way out to where the sea hit the sky. On the gravelly path, she broke into a jog and started to inhale the salty air. The sun had fallen and the remaining splashes of magenta and scarlet were all that remained in the clouds.
She couldn’t get to Lookout Point fast enough, and pumped her arms harder. A small flock of gulls were cawing back and forth above her as if in conversation. Alena joined in the noise making, giggling and skipping with the seabirds imitating their shrill cries.
White puffs of surf broke over the jagged rocks below, and Alena panted softly watching the powerful ebb and flow when she reached the bluff. It never got old. She could watch the water for hours and could never tire of the waves blasting away at the immovable boulders. Alena imagined what it would be like to stand on one and wait nervously for a round of waves to come knock her off her feet. She smiled foolishly. She was a good swimmer, but Mr. Thomas had told her a time or two that under no circumstance could she venture down to Swift’s Cove. “You may find sea junk and conch shells down there, but nothin’ worth getting your hiney all scratched up for. Full grown men have been pummeled within an inch of their lives down there, let alone a girl of your size. Whew! I don’t even want to think about it.”

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