Weak Attempts

Mi gente,

How was your weekend? I hope that you spoiled the mother in your life, or did something nice to make her feel appreciated. The kids and I made her a video–a compilation of interviews answering questions about their mother dearest. A few clips were pretty memorable, and it is always comical to see what the kids remember about us as their parents. According to what they can recollect, mom’s favorite show is ‘hallmark’ (semi-true), her favorite food is tortillas (nope), favorite color is red and blue (it’s turquoise), and apparently, she really wants a cat for a pet (farthest thing from the truth). Anyhoo, it was a good time.

For unknown reasons, I also decided to run an ad on Facebook for NIS. I can’t say what otherworldly force compelled me to get involved with that, but I did. Supposedly it has reached over 1,000 people and will reach another 2,000. I put in the parameters to find people who have an interest in things like Fiction Books’ and ‘Science Fiction Movies’. Although it is cool that people are seeing the ad, I wonder about its effectiveness. It has a good amount of likes, but I’m not seeing any correlation between that and the amount of books I’m selling. I feel that the only thing it is doing is getting people to click ‘like’.

This is the weak attempt I’m talking about in the title. =)

To the aspiring authors of the world, how are you handling your marketing strategy? What is working for you?

Also, I thought about re-sending out query letters to a few new agencies that I didn’t touch the first time for NIS. It wouldn’t hurt. Since then, my story has changed quite a bit. Maybe someone is looking for a little NIS in their life this summer…

Speaking of summer, this one is going to be completely nuts for the Snyders. We’re moving across the US, I’m starting a new job, we bought a house, trying to figure out what we’re going to the kids’ education, and Julie is still figure out some of her brain issues (For those who don’t know, she might be needing a second brain surgery).

Whew! It’s going to be a wild ride!



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