Mother’s Day Poem a mi esposa querida

Hi Snyderwrites peeps,

I don’t know a thing about writing poetry. At best, I took a few upper-level Spanish courses that studied the lives of famous Hispanic poets and their masterpieces. We never actually wrote our own poetry in Spanish (To be honest, I did write some back then). With Mother’s Day on the horizon, I wanted to write something different for my wife, and present it in a unique way. She has to endure my babbling about my book ideas and writing all the time, and I thought it might be nice to dedicate a piece to her. This poem is called ‘Clothes’.



When you’re kneeling on the ground,

Between the overturned hampers and teetering

Columns of toddler shorts and pajamas, I admire you.


Full knowing that I just re-injured my injury

From losing my balance on the stairs and tumbling

Like a clumsy oaf and now my knee hurts worse than ever.


You assumed command of these clothes

And everything else that has to get done in the house

Because I couldn’t have picked a worse time to be couch ridden.


In two weeks I’m moving across the country

Without you, without the kids, without the love that

Has been with me for years and to be honest, I’m scared.


Not scared that something terrible is about

To happen or that I won’t be able to make the three

Days pulling the CR-V behind the twenty two foot moving truck.


But scared in the fact that I’m making all of

These changes with my job, our new house, our new life,

Without having my partner who does everything without complaint.


You are the girl that pushes me to do

What is tough when I want to throw in the towel,

Take the easy way out when doing the right thing is harder.


I hobbled into bed tonight picturing you

Folding that grand canyon sized load of laundry,

Wishing I could take it all with me with you in the middle.


Tell the mother or woman in your life you love her.


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