Aftermath of NIS

Hola mi gente,

Now that Neighbors in the Supernova is over, what will come of me?

I still have the writing itch, and I’m going to move forward with writing a different novel that I have tentatively entitled Embark (If you buy NIS, I’ve included chapter one at the end!). I’m referring to it as a ‘Steampunk Epic’, which is layman’s terms combines stylistic steampunk elements to an epic adventure story, along with the occasional fantasy touches, i.e., magic and beasts.

I know you’re going to think this is super nerdy, but basically take ‘Wind Waker’ style, throw in a little Harry Potter quirkiness, add an expansive world (not LOTR big, but plenty big), and roll it all up with a Douglas Adams tortilla–that’s what I’m envisioning for ‘Embark’.

As a side note, it is extremely interesting how this second book feels like ‘me’. What I mean by that is by putting so much time and effort into NIS, I was able to understand what my style exactly is, how my voice can influence a story, fixed things about the language I used in NIS, and overall I feel much more comfortable writing this second book.

For me, I compare it to how I felt as a missionary with Spanish. The first year was such a slug fest. I was awful. But the second time around, I grew exponentially because all the dedication and work was paying off. Because I suffered through NIS, I can now write an even better story! Hooray. 

I’m 9.5 k words into it, just free-writing. I’m a pantser, which means that I don’t do much outlining but rely heavily on editing later. But I’m trying to do it differently so I don’t waste as much time as I did with NIS. The first two chapters basically flew out of me, but now I’m writing a meticulous outline so I know where the story is going. NIS was definitely a smaller scope (fewer characters, limited setting, not as many opportunities for subplots, etc.), so for Embark I have to get my stuff straight or this thing will go off the rails. 

What are your upcoming projects? Creative or otherwise? Let me know in the comments!

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