snyderwrites faithful,

It’s hard to believe that Neighbors in the Supernova is officially out. After so many hours of research, planning, writing, and editing, anyone in the world can read my story. Sort of scary. Intimidating really.

It’s one thing to hand it over to a few of your favorite family members and have them gush about it. But now that it could be in the hands of strangers, it’s judgment day. 70,000 words to base my skill as a writer and will serve as a reflection of who I am as a human being. Yikes.

To make myself feel better, I keep telling myself that it’s my first book. It’s the first attempt, the first at-bat. I may find out that it’s an embarrassing strike-out. I’m preparing myself for that–the cringe-worthy criticisms. The cutting remarks that make you wish you wouldn’t have even opened up Microsoft Word in the first place are the worst. “The characters are okay, but the story is riddled with holes and I get the sense that you don’t know where it’s headed.”

But I didn’t write the book for those types of people anyway. I wrote it because it was a challenge and I loved exploring a different side of me. Neighbors in the Supernova is a result of my love for exploration, for the unknown, for showing the mundane in extraordinary ways, and human connections.

The best part about this whole endeavor is that I can continue to develop my skills and write another book. As far as hobbies go, it’s pretty low maintenance. I can keep pushing myself and my style as long as a I have a laptop in front of me.

Time to go to work.




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