Team snyderwrites!

The general readership of my book thus far has said the following:


  • Time Travel is presented in a fun way
  • Characters are interesting–Meredith is awesome
  • Idea/Theme is cool
  • Very Douglas Adams-esque.  Really didn’t even think about that book while writing…Nor do I necessarily agree that my writing style is that light & funny
  • A good voice that carries throughout the book
  • Majority of the promises made at the beginning are fulfilled at end.


  • Feels rushed
  • Didn’t get enough time with characters to really “feel” who they were
  • Minor grammar issues


One reader has pointed out that instead of breaking it up into a number of books, I should just combined the time jumping moments into more frequent intervals. That will help it to feel more ‘punchy’.  So many comments keep pouring in, and the only thing I can do is filter through it and decide what I want to save and what to throw out.

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