My wife and I have been running around the house haphazardly stringing up balloons to banisters and chairs, running pink streamers to the kitchen fan, and ensuring that the frosting sits perfectly on cupcakes. Fairy wings and magic wands for every guest! A piñata will soon be hanging from our swing set. You guessed right. It’s birthday time.

But not just any birthday. This is for our special little five year old, Ivy Lenae.

In case any of us needed a reminder, we’ve been told about three million times what the break down of all the festivities are. I don’t think any of our kids have been more excited. The anticipation has tortured her this week. But the day has arrived and her little heart is about to burst.

As I’m watching all the pinks and purples flood into our house, it got me thinking about where we’ve been since our precious girl was born in Orem, UT. I graduated from BYU with my Spanish degree.  I stopped teaching at the Missionary Training Center. We moved to the NW and I attended  grad school at the University of Portland to become a full fledged Spanish teacher. We hung around there for a few years and enjoyed the rain, the beaches, and being around our awesome family. I taught some of the best kids in the world.

Then AMP Smart came along and we did the summer sales thing. Went well enough that we’re still working there and trying to make the dream work.

So here I am. A dad trying to make a life for his kids.  A husband trying to serve his wife and show through his actions how much she means to him. A writer trying to give something back to the world after so many authors before him gave him the gift of incredible stories and adventures.

I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me, especially because my little girl will soon be 15 instead of 5, and that’s when the trouble really starts. So I’ve heard.



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