Hello snyderwrites faithful!

I hope that you’re all writing and happy. Crazy to think that we’re getting to the end of January…On to the good news!

I wanted to let y’all know that Neighbors in the Supernova is pretty much done, and I’m looking for people to form a little critique group. My book is a mix of sci-fi and fantasy elements, but I would love to read anything that you might have for me. I’m not a snob. 😉 Nothing too intense, just go through it and give me your thoughts.

This book has taken me a couple years to finally get down to paper, and after all the editing and rewrites, I feel good about it. No, it’s probably not going to be in the running for a Hugo or Nebula.

I wish.

But I think for a first go, it’s a decent attempt. I’ve had a lot of help along the way and I’m grateful for the feedback and tips that I’ve received so far. Looking forward to seeing what the next few weeks bring. I’m working with a friend of mine on the cover art, and maybe creating something special for the chapter headings. So much to do!

For more details about the book and what’s happening, feel free to click on the BUY MY BOOK tab on the home page. As they say in Texas, “I ‘ppreciate ya!”




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