Okay gang.

I read this incredible, hard sci-fi book called The Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu. Just like the back cover states, it’s mind-bending. Jammed packed with history about China’s cultural revolution, as well as scientific theories that Liu clearly understands their inner workings. The research alone must have taken an eternity.

I will say that the science behind it is a little too strong for my liking. Maybe I just need to put on my big boy pants and suck it up. But I’ve never been into that style of story. I would much rather get more interesting ideas (which there are too many to count in this book mind you) than calculations and the blueprints to technical devices.

Liu does such a phenomenal job in her delivery, tone, and it reads at the perfect clip. That’s probably why she is one of the most decorated sci-fi authors of recent memory. Go figure.

Because this is a series, she lets the plot and underlying messages stew for the majority of this first book. I honestly had no clue where we were headed. I didn’t really know what the book was supposed to be about. Shame on me I guess. There was this turn, not really sure about what page it was, but a turn that hooked me for good. I was thinking about putting it down because I simply didn’t get it. Right at that precise moment I got the point, the premise, how all the dots connected, and it became something awesome.

If I had to give it a score, that’d be tough. Let’s go with 8.8 out of 10. Just for fun. As an aspiring writer, half the time I scratched my head and thought ‘How does she come up with a story like this?’ A couple times, I had to stop and think about what I just read, re-read it, and pause a second time for reflection. There aren’t a lot of books that do that to me.

Nice work Cixin! I can’t wait to read the next book.

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