That’s a great question. My featured image is what I imagine to be some pristine plot of wilderness in my favorite part of the world, the pacific northwest. I could be wrong through. In my opinion, if I was going to have to live like Thoreau for any extent of time, it would definitely be trapped somewhere in a cabin in the national forests of Washington. Without a doubt. Have you ever been canoeing up there? Fished on a reservoir for steelhead? Jumped off a ledge into a freezing cold river? If you haven’t, I challenge you to go adventure there! You won’t be disappointed.

Side note: I’m not a wild outdoorsman. I just love the PNW.

But back to the question. Currently as I’m editing my book, I am on a pretty strict schedule. I work all day, daddy the night away most of the evenings of the week, and then getting close to bedtime I try to cram in a day’s worth of writing. I know, I know. It’s not the best. Sometimes I get lucky and fit time in during the day. Only if I get extremely lucky.

That being said, my ‘cram time’ isn’t that bad. I put on my BOSE headphones, get myself in the mood for serious writing, and then just let it flow. My bed is one comfy spot, and I’ll prop pillows behind my back and shoulders for extra support. Doesn’t get much better than that. Plus, at that point in the day I don’t have the grommets around to pull the laptop away from me, potentially smashing it with a wooden block, or running away with it like a hoard of raccoons. You can never trust a raccoon that draws a close resemblance to yourself. Ever.

My other place to set up shop is on my couch, with my feet kicked up on the coffee table. Yes, you guessed it. A big TV pillow does rest beneath my tired, flat feet. I’ll turn off the two sets of lights for the living room and kitchen, leaving only the kitchen lights on. For me, it creates a nice mood for zoning in on writing. I noticed that when there are only a couple fixtures or lamps turned on, I’m less distracted. Don’t have the research to back me up on this one.

No, I don’t ever get to escape to a wooded paradise to write. But I’ll take what I can get.

In a nutshell–Music+Comfort+Lighting=Prime Time Writing Environment

What about you? Where do you write?



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